Through sponsorship, Telenco wishes to promote humanitarian and cultural initiatives meeting current social and societal issues. By investing into sporting actions notably, Telenco endorses values like solidarity, sharing and tolerance.


Solidarity, sharing and team spirit are some of the values that are dear to Telenco’s employees and managers. These values are also common to a sport: the rugby, well-reputed in Grenoble’s region thanks to the FCG team. That is why Telenco provides financial support to the “FCG in my city” endowment fund since 2018. This fund was set up to allow education through the transmission of rugby values to children from Grenoble area schools. Thanks to that endowment fund, Telenco finances the arrival of an educator for the Moirans rugby club for a period of 3 years from 2020. The endowment fund also organizes “Wednesday Rugby”: a shuttle runs through the city to pick up children and brings them to the stadium so they can play all together. This warm friendly atmosphere ravishes Telenco who bolsters sporting events without hesitation.

Since 2015, the company supports “Les Enfants de l’Ovale” association, founded by Philippe SELLA, former player of the France national rugby union team. With 150 volunteers and 14 centers based in France and in Africa, the association promotes rugby and its values among 1400 children. More than sports, “Les Enfants du l’Ovale” offers tutoring as well as medical and nutritional monitoring. To bring its support, Telenco seeks genuine involvement of its employees through sporting events (trail, marathon, …) in order to help the fundraising.

Through its corporate policy, Telenco encourages professional reinsertion. For people remote from the labour market, The Digital Plumbers provides trainings for technicians in their schools for fiber, rack and cabling deployment jobs in datacenters. All in a context of work-linked training. In line with the company’s values, Telenco has funded a product endowment and grants preferential rates for the opening of schools in Marseille, Bordeaux and soon, in Toulon. Telenco has already contributed to the equipment of 6 schools in France. Soon, a new school will be opened in Isère, near the Group’s headquarters. Moreover, 11 tutorial videos were produced by our experts team to help trainees validate their coursework.


Every year, Telenco supports several local sports associations. The company wishes to bring to the fore these genuine representatives of the surrounding cultural landscape and to give a helping hand at their development. By investing into the future, we hearten the fulfilment of hundreds of persons. In 2019, four organizations have a place of honor.

This year Telenco is supporting AS Fontaine (Rhythmic Gymnastics) with a financial endowment enabling the association to buy new sports equipment for their U15 team, recently crowned champion of the department. The Group also wishes to highlight team sports this year by first supporting the Martinique Basketball League. Our support helped them send their women’s and men’s teams to training camps in France and in the USA. For the first time, Telenco is supporting an overseas association. With its subsidiary in Martinique, the Group wants to help the territories in which it is established. This year Telenco is also supporting the Isère Basketball Committee to help them to invest in new equipment and to offset travel costs.

Finally, in order to encourage cultural initiatives, Telenco is renewing its support for the organisation of the second edition of the Musifrat music festival created by the Moirans Rugby Club.

Telenco commits to help those most in need by using its reputation for the benefit of others. Together with GF38 our company had the opportunity to organize the operation “Football cleats for Senegal”. During more than a year, we have collected football cleats as well as new or used sporting equipment in order to offer it to two Senegalese football clubs : Palmarin and 3S Academy of Gandiaye. Successful, this event allowed us to send abroad 299 jerseys, 66 shorts, 62 balls, 39 pairs of football cleats, 40 pairs of basket shoes and 51 pairs of sockets for the happiness of football fans of all ages!

Telenco wishes to put forward all sports. In July 2018, we have brought our support to the National French fly fishing team in their participation to the World Championship.  After an honorable fourth place, we are proud to renew our support for the 2019 edition which will be held in the Czech Republic !



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