Telenco’s experts foregather around one concept : SMART. Through events or articles, they provide counsel to help you with the installation and maintenance of telecom networks.

SMART : Specialists in Maintenance and ARchitecture of Telecom networks

SMART is the concept that brings together experts from Telenco services, Telenco distribution and Telenco networks. Thanks to their field experience and sharp knowledge of telecom tooling and equipment, our professionals impart useful tips and tricks for technicians’ daily jobs.

Each specialist performs within a certain field of expertise of telecommunications networks : copper networks, fiber optic networks, LAN and datacenters, aerial and underground networks as well as personal protective equipment. SMART tips are varied and apply to different telecommunications trades.

SMART events : coming closer to technicians

Telenco’s experts crisscross France and travel the world to share their knowledge and know-how. The SMART days allow them to meet technicians and answer to various telecom topics by providing precise recommendations and tips. As for example, our experts came to meet Martinican technicians to exchange on the subject of FTTH network deployment optimization in the Caribbean region, throughout various workshops.

The SMART concept is also encompassed within the SMART days.  Each month, an expert is at the service of telecom professionals in one of our agencies to offer them advice on new products or “business” solutions.

The SMART blog : tips and tricks within clicks

Thanks to a dedicated blog, the SMART concept also ensures a regular online presence. Regardless of the timing and situation, technicians have at their disposal the SMART blog where Telenco’s experts publish their recommendations and smart tips.

Articles, photos, tutorial videos, check out all different media formats suggested for bringing answers and solutions to the problems encountered during jobsite interventions. Of course, it is also possible to contact our experts to ask them advice for a particular issue. They are available and always happy to answer to queries on telecommunications networks.



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