Quality policy

Quality policy

Telenco wishes to consolidate its position of trustful partner on the telecom market by investing into various quality initiatives.  In a context of an ongoing search for improving the quality of provided services, our dedicated team takes the lead so to meet expectations of our stakeholders who believe in our company’s success.

Quality at Telenco

Telenco’s development would not be possible without the trust of our stakeholders. As our satisfaction is based on that of our customers, we pay close attention to the conformity and the quality of the provided services. Telenco’s development and competitiveness are directly linked to trustful relations established with our different stakeholders : customers, suppliers, institutions, investors, employees etc.

Our ISO 9001 certification endorses our will to continuously provide qualitative products and services complying both with laws in force and with customers’ requirements. At Telenco networks we manufacture and assemble products meeting the efficiency, quality and conformity requirements of different stakeholders on a daily basis.

Quality policy
Quality policy

Telecommunications is a rapidly evolving sector : Telenco deals with the rapid changing of the profession by regularly training its employees. That enables us to identify and foresee the future needs and range evolutions so to raise at best the market’s challenges. Through all of our actions we pay a close attention to the human and environmental factors.  To meet European quality and safety expectations, we manufacture telecom material in accordance with CE marking requirements.

Our suppliers play an important role in Telenco’ activity, that is why no agreement is acquired. We frequently evaluate our suppliers based on strict criteria of conformity, respect of deadlines or product quality.

At Telenco, quality is performed by process and based on the principle of continuous improvement. This operation mode enables a constant evolution of the company’s organization,  empowering Telenco to always maintain a fully controlled quality for the provided products and services.


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