Ethics policy

Ethics policy

Telenco pays a special attention to ethical issues that a company may experience. We aim to preserve both human and ecological integrity. To do so, Telenco is committed to respecting an everyday rigorous ethical policy.

Telenco's ethical policy

Telenco group’s policy is based on values of respect and responsibility. To promote these principles to our employees and stakeholders, we have established our own code of ethical conduct. By signing this charter, Telenco employees commit to participate at the smooth running of the company and devote their efforts towards the respect of the social and ecological environment in which they perform. This code guarantees health through the safety of each individual and ensures the respect of all co-workers, their data and privacy. Naturally, it also recalls the Telenco fight against corruption and fraud.

Ethics policy
Ethics policy

Telenco’s ethical charter is the prolongation of Global Compact’s 10 principles at which Telenco networks has been adhering to since 2016. These ethical commandments guarantee respect for universal human rights and international labour standards, from the environment preservation to fight against corruption. An annual monitoring enables to acknowledge if the application of these principles is taken into account. Telenco makes sure that the products provided to our customers do not represent any threat to human health. That is why each one of them is selected according to terms of REACH regulation.  Updated every six months, this directory lists all chemical substances of concern that are subject to restriction or authorization. By adhering to the US Dodd Franck law, Telenco networks monitors the origins of metals contained within products manufactured by the company or its suppliers. Any metal resulting from the work of exploited persons, including children, is prohibited.

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